About Us

At Acidic Gaming we are all about the gaming community. Who doesn’t game in today’s society? Gaming has turned into more than just an activity, it has morphed into a lifestyle.  Today gamers have more opportunities to live out their dreams than ever, playing video games for a living has increasingly become a reality for some.

With this ever expanding community the passion and excitement will only grow stronger. We embrace this ideology by supporting the scene, and we encourage you to take part in the movement. Our goal is to build upon the foundation in which the gaming community will thrive.

Acidic Gaming is dedicated to design and create only the best products to help this community advance. We offer a full line of custom controllers and clothing made by and for gamers, engineered to provide only the best comfort and style.

We are amped to see the gaming community grow and really enjoy being part of it.

Join the Acidic Gaming Crew today!